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How Winter Can Damage Your Roof

roofers Pittsburgh PAWhether we like it or not, the colder months of the year are on their way. With the colder months come preparing parts of your home for the weather that comes along with the season and one of those areas should be your roof. We know we should prep the roof for winter, but how do snow and ice actually harm it? Here are a few ways in which winter’s weather can damage your roofing system and how to prepare for it.

Clog your gutter system – Icicles are not only a hazard when it comes to people walking below them, but they are also a danger to your gutter system. Icicles can form on the edges of your gutters, but also inside of them too. This causes them to clog, which can back up any drainage from snow melting off your roof.

Pressure on your roof – Pittsburgh winters are no joke, especially when it comes to snowfall. When heavy snow makes its way to your neighborhood, it can hurt your roofing system by putting an extreme amount of pressure on it. The best way to alleviate this is to purchase a snow rake, which allows you to remove snow from your roof safely and efficiently.

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