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Benefits of Vinyl Siding 

Vinyl Siding on HomeThe exterior of your home is important for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Exterior elements of the home like your siding will make or break the curb appeal of your home. Siding is also important for maintaining temperature inside the home by providing insulation, preventing pests from finding ways into your home’s walls, and of course protecting against harsh weather conditions. There are many different materials you can use for siding on your home, but the most popular in today’s market is vinyl siding. Once you learn more about the benefits of vinyl siding, you’ll understand why it’s the siding material so many homeowner’s decide to purchase and install! Let’s discuss a few of the benefits below!


Vinyl siding is among the most affordable and cost-effective types of siding you can purchase. It’s easy to install, so you won’t be paying high prices for installation like you would with other siding materials like wood or fiber cement. The exact price point for material and installation of your vinyl siding will depend on the size of your house and the manufacturer you choose, but overall vinyl siding tends to be a very cost effective choice for your siding replacement.

Durable & Versatile 

Vinyl siding is extremely durable and can last longer nearly 50 years when properly maintained and repaired in a timely fashion! It’s not likely to be damaged by a storm, but if it is, repairing just the affected section of the siding is cheap and easy! Vinyl is also loved by homeowners because of how versatile the design options are. Vinyl siding can be found in nearly any color imaginable. You can also install vinyl siding in a vertical or horizontal pattern, and even add scalloped accents on certain areas of the home in order to add an extra touch of curb appeal! 

Energy Efficiency 

You’ll save money each month on your heating and cooling bills after installing new vinyl siding. Vinyl is very efficient at keeping outside temperatures from entering the home and keeping the temperature-controlled air that’s inside from getting out. While it’s not as important as your window or roof to your home’s energy efficiency, new siding, particularly insulated vinyl siding, will undeniably make an impact on your home’s energy efficiency. This will not only help your bank account; it helps to lower your family’s carbon footprint too! 

Low Maintenance 

Vinyl siding requires little to no maintenance. You should visually inspect it each spring and fall to look for any cracks, holes, or warping. The damaged areas should be repaired or replaced and that’s it, you’re done with your siding maintenance! You can also clean the siding with a scrub brush or power washer if it gets dirty, as shady areas may be prone to mold or mildew growth in the right conditions.

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