Vinyl Siding

Should I Consider Replacing My Siding?

Old Vinyl SidingWhen it comes to your home’s exterior, one of the most important aspects of your property is your siding. Much like your roof, your sidings primary purpose is as a line of defense against the elements. However, it provides so much more for your home, including insulation, and functioning as the single largest focal point of your home’s exterior. Considering how important your siding is to the health of your home, it is important to keep the system in good repair! Interested in learning a bit about why you might want to consider replacing your siding this year? Keep reading below for more information!

Do I Need New Siding?

The first question homeowners should ask themselves is whether they truly need a siding replacement, or if it can be repaired. It ultimately depends on a number of factors. First, you should ask yourself how old your home’s siding is. If it’s been on your home for twenty or thirty years and is relatively weather-worn, what looks like a minor repair could have allowed a great deal of moisture into your home, necessitating more extensive work. However, if your siding is new, or hasn’t been damaged for a great deal of time, you can likely consider repairs instead of replacements. Ultimately, it is best to enlist the help of a contractor, who can advise you on one option or the other.

Are There Any Visible Signs Of Damage?

Next, you should assess the siding for signs of damage. This could reveal itself in a variety of ways, including through visibly broken siding. However, oftentimes, the damage is much less obvious. In addition to blunt damage from falling branches or other objects, homeowners should keep an eye out for signs like mold & mildew growing at the edges of the siding, as well as warping, which can indicate that water has found it’s way into the home.

Do You Have Other Goals For Your Home’s Exterior

Finally, you may consider replacing your home’s siding simply because it feels like the right time. Maybe you’re considering a move in the coming years and want to improve your home’s value. Perhaps it’s simply time to update the look of your home. Regardless of your motivation, sometimes it’s simply time to consider a replacement, and that’s as good a reason as any!

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Comparing Vinyl & Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement from James HardieWhen it comes to replacing your home’s siding, there are so many options it can often become overwhelming. How can you possibly know which material is right for your home when there are so many on the market? While there are plenty of options out there, they’re not all made equal, and it’s important to do your research and find the option that is right for your home’s exterior. To help you get started, our team has put together a guide comparing two of the most popular siding materials in North America, and our companies two most installed options, vinyl siding, and fiber cement. If you’re interested in learning more about the differences and advantages of both options, keep reading below for more information!


When it comes to aesthetics, both options are fantastic in their own right. James Hardie boosts a truly enormous selection of color options, ensuring that no matter what your home’s exterior color scheme is, you’ll be able to find the perfect option for your home.

However, while fiber cement is available in a wide array of options, vinyl siding is North America’s most widely manufactured siding material, which means it is available in an unmatched amount of color & style options. At the end of the day, whichever siding option you choose will be available in a wide variety of color and style choices, meaning you really can’t go wrong with either option.


If you’re looking to replace your home’s siding on a budget, vinyl siding is going to be the best material for the job. One of the major benefits of vinyl siding’s long-run as North America’s most popular siding material is that it is now widely-manufactured, helping to lower the cost of production. Vinyl siding is considerably cheaper to install than fiber cement. However, it is important to note that if you intend to live in your home from decades to come, fiber cement is often the better option, despite it’s higher installation cost. Vinyl siding is inexpensive to install, but it wears down faster, and if you want a siding option that stands the test of time, fiber cement tends to be the better choice, which can make it the cheaper option in the long run.


Another important factor to consider when comparing siding options is which material offers more durability. Here, the comparison is relatively close. While fiber cement’s major drawback is that it is known to absorb water if not sealed properly, vinyl siding is completely impervious to absorbing water. It can still mildew, and it is important to keep clean, but it doesn’t deteriorate from water damage in the same way that fiber cement does. Fiber cement in general is a durable option that is capable of withstanding nearly anything Mother Nature has to throw its way.

Vinyl siding is immune to rot damage, but that doesn’t mean it is the most durable option on the market. It can be damaged from blunt force, which means if you have any kids in the yard playing baseball, you may want to consider another option. Overall, both options are quite durable, and you can’t go wrong with either.

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