Is Your Roof Ready for the Rain?

While we never really see a season in Pittsburgh that does not involve rain, the wetter months of late summer and early fall are right roof repair Pittsburgharound the corner. Every homeowner thinks that they have their roofing system adequately patched, waterproofed, and ready for rain, but there are signs that you can see before a heavy downpour that say otherwise. Here are some ways that you can check to see if your roofing system is prepared for heavy rains and what to do if it is not ready to handle it.

Check your gutters – One of the most important things that you can do to prevent your roofing from leaking or being compromised during heavy rainfall is to maintain your gutters. Unfortunately, the task of cleaning out your gutters or repairing them if they are not working correctly can be smelly, messy, and frustrating to do. However, properly maintained gutters are going to be your best armor from the persistent rain storms that the end of summer and early fall bring to Pittsburgh, so get a head-start on checking them while it is still dry outside.

Patch those flappy shingles – Are there a few shingles on your roof that could use some TLC before a torrential downpour? Patch them up while the weather outside is still cooperating with you. Even though you may think that one or two loose shingles might not affect your roofing system, you are wrong because they can heavily damage what is underneath. Consider having a partial or comprehensive roof inspection on those areas where your shingles are flying free to prevent any leaks during hurricane season.

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