A Roofer in Pittsburgh on What You Should Know About Mold in Your Roofing

As the weather starts to warm up in the greater Pittsburgh area, we start seeing more issues related to roof leaks. While this may seem like a simple patch to some homeowners, a leaky roof can cause severe damage to your home’s structure, insulation, and air quality. Many people who let their roofing system leak for too long can develop mold in their shingles, as well as in their drywall and insulation near the opening where the moisture is coming in. Whether you have a roofer in Pittsburgh that you call on when the roof starts to buckle, or you are unsure of whom to contact in a time like this, all of them will caution you against the dangers of mold. Here are just a few things we would like you to know about developing mold from a roof leak.

It is always serious – Whether or not you think it is necessary to call a roofer in Pittsburgh to take a look at the mold from your roofing leak, you have to know that this type of situation should never be taken lightly. Mold, especially in tight, enclosed quarters like that of your home, is extremely detrimental to your health. Regardless of any pre-existing allergies to it, when the mold is inhaled, it can cause coughing, sneezing, and other cold-like symptoms. Depending on the type of mold that is growing and the amount of time you are exposed to it, it can be fatal to you and your family.

It can be costly to repair – Upon spotting mold for the first time in your home; it is best to call a roofer in Pittsburgh to assess the damage done to your roof and surrounding areas. However if for some reason you did not spot it right away, and it has spread throughout multiple areas of your home, you could be in for some costly repairs. In particular, black mold is one of the most deadly and pricey types of mold to remove from a home because such extensive cleaning and repairing need to be done. It is best to call the professionals when you spot mold in your home for the first time so it can be taken care of immediately.

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