Pittsburgh Roofing Contractors on Areas of Your Roof to Watch for Issues

Outside of Pittsburgh roofing contractors who know the parts of a roof like the back of their hand, many people think that a roof only has a few elements to it. However, there are plenty of sections of your roof that you may not be aware of and if not monitored, could cause issues down the road. Our contractors have put together just a few areas of your roof that you need to keep an eye on so they do not become problems for you and your home.

Flashings – Do you know what your roof system’s flashings look like and where they are located? If you do not understand what purpose flashings serve on your roof, you are not alone. One of the most frequently asked questions of our Pittsburgh roofing contractors is what flashings do in a roofing system. Your flashings are pieces of metal that cover joints to help protect your roof from water damage. Since this is not usually an area that most homeowners are aware of, it is important to find where they are in your roofing systems and make sure they are being maintained properly. If they do become an issue, they could cause severe water damage throughout your roof and home.

Gutters – It may seem like this component of a roofing system is common knowledge to check, but many homeowners do not think of gutters being a part of your roof. Our Pittsburgh roofing contractors will often tell homeowners that one of the first places they should check when having roof issues is their gutter system. Since they are so crucial to preventing water damage from happening to your roof and structure of your home, it is recommended that you keep a close eye on your gutters to prevent damage from occurring. Maintaining them regularly by cleaning them out, making sure they are not rusting, and checking to see if they are draining correctly can all help to avoid issues with your roof down the road.

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