Pittsburgh Roofing Contractors on Things You Need to Know Before Cleaning Your Roof

Your roof is the protection that you and your family have from all types of weather, so making sure that you are taking care of it properly is vital for a variety of reasons. Regular maintenance and inspections done by Pittsburgh roofing contractors can help to identify problems with your roofing before they become costly. One thing that many people feel is a necessary step in making sure their roof is safe and working properly is cleaning, which is not always the case. The margin of error for cleaning a roof is too large to take a gamble on doing it yourself, and it is not always done correctly – even by the professionals. Here are few things you need to take into consideration before cleaning your roof.

Pressure washing is risky – Most Pittsburgh roofing contractors will tell you it is only necessary to clean your roof for aesthetic reasons. However, there are some contractors out there that are not as experienced in roofing cleaning and will tell you that your roofing system needs to be pressure washed. Pressure washing your roof is something that you should indefinitely stay away from at all costs since it can cause irreversible damage that will be pricey to mend. If it does need to be cleaned, make sure that the contractor performing the job is doing it with a gentle but steady stream of water.

Never do it yourself – If your roof does, in fact, need to be cleaned, it is crucial that you do not take on the task of doing it yourself. Besides the point that experienced Pittsburgh roofing contractors should always be taking care of larger tasks like this one, there is also a safety issue that comes into play when you try to clean your roof. Regardless of the size and height of your home, it is essential to your safety that to do not take care of cleaning your roof on your own.

Cleaning solutions can contain damaging chemicals – Your roof’s shingles can be damaged, algae-ridden, and discolored over time, but they can suddenly develop all of these signs when the incorrect cleaning solution is used on them. Our Pittsburgh roofing contractors have assessed many homes in which another roofing company has cleaned the roof with the wrong solution, only to leave the shingles looking mangled, eaten away at, and not the color they should be. If washing your roofing system is something you need to be done, make sure the contractor you choose does not use harsh cleaning chemicals that could cause this type of damage to your home.

More often than not, calling on knowledgeable Pittsburgh roofing contractors to evaluate your roofing system will save you headaches and money in the long run. For more information about how to properly take care of your roof without washing it, give us a call today at (724) 351-0499.