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The Doing It Right Roofing team is proud to be able to provide the Squirrel Hill, PA community with our roofing & siding installation services! Located in Pittsburgh’s East End, Squirrel Hill is a beautiful residential neighborhood. While there are technically two neighborhoods with the namesake, Squirrel Hill North & South, they are almost universally recognized by Pittsburgh citizens as one neighborhood. The two neighborhoods boast a combined 27,000 residents, making it a lively & vibrant community that many Pittsburgh residents are happy to call home! With so many people living in the neighborhood, there are plenty of homeowners in need of our team’s remodeling services! Interested in learning more? Keep reading below for more information about the services our team has to offer to the community!

Roofing in Squirrel Hill, PA

To begin, our team at Doing It Right Roofing is proud to be able to offer our roofing services to Squirrel Hill, PA residents in need! Your home’s roof is one of the most important aspects of your home’s exterior, providing it with a number of benefits including providing protection from the elements, offering curb appeal & resale value, and helping to insulate your home from the weather! This means that keeping your roofing system in good repair is very important for the health of your home! Interested in learning more about the services our team has to offer? Keep reading below for more information!

For those in search of the standard of the roofing industry, our team at Doing It Right is happy to provide our asphalt shingles installation services to the Squirrel Hill community! Known for their economical pricing, wide array of color & style options, and of course their durability, asphalt shingles are a fantastic option for homeowners looking to install a reliable roofing material, our team is happy to offer our Owens Corning shingle installations. Our team are Platinum Preferred Contractors with Owens Corning, providing us with access to exclusive warranties and assuring we can provide installation services you can be proud of.

In addition to our asphalt shingle installation services, our team is also happy to be able to offer our metal roofing installations. Metal roofing is incredibly durable, offering a fantastic alternative for homeowners looking to ditch the asphalt shingles. And lastly, we are happy to be able to provide our rubber roofing installations as well! If your home lacks a traditionally pitched roof, our flat, rubber roofing has you covered! Reach out today to get started!

Siding in Squirrel Hill, PA

In addition to our roofing services, our team is happy to be able to offer our siding installation & replacement services to the Squirrel Hill, PA community. Your siding functions much like your roof, providing curb appeal & resale value, as well as protection from the elements, but it does so for the sides of your home. It is just as important to keep this system in good repair, and our team is here to assist!

For Squirrel Hill, PA homeowners who are ready to replace their home’s siding, we are proud to be able to provide our team’s vinyl siding installation services to the community! We carry options from two of the nation’s leading manufacturers, Mastic and Alside,  ensuring we can find the perfect option for your home!

In addition to our vinyl siding installations, we are happy to be able to offer our most popular option, James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. Known for its incredible durability and beautiful style options, James Hardie is the perfect option for the Pittsburgh area, which is known for seeing a variety of weather, from snowstorms, to high-winds, and much more. Fiber cement is able to withstand it all, making it a fantastic option!

Finally, for homeowners who are ready to install a siding option that offers an extra bit of curb appeal, our team is happy to provide our CertainTeed Cedar Shingles. CertainTeed’s Cedar Impressions are a fantastic option for those in search of a material that will immediately boost their home’s curb appeal and provide them with plenty of protection to boot! Reach out to our team today for more information about our services!

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